The Complete Guide to Low Tech Metalsmithing

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Let's talk about tools!

We will go into details
about all the the tools
that I have on my bench.

I have spent a great deal
of time and money on
useless tools.
No need to make the same
mistakes I have.

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Findings Findings
More Findings!

This is what will make
your creations unique.
We will explore all of
the techniques necessary
to let you express your
individual style.
There will never be a
need to buy a factory
made finding again.

Let's make chain!

A detailed look into
making intricate
and elegant chains
using both PMC and
fine silver wire.

Pendant Settings!

I have had a great deal
of fun creating these
Pendant Settings.
Learn how to take
your fancy stones
and set them in a
truly one of a kind
setting. I will show you
how to make it out of
PMC and fine silver sheet.


Copyright © 2014, Anne Mitchell