Fine Silver Fusing Tips

Tools and Supplies

Blazer Micro Torch
Triple Filtered Butane or better
Kiln Brick
Fiber Grip Tweezers
Straight Chain Nose & Bent Chain Nose Pliers
Quench Bowl with cold water
Ultra-Flush Cutters
Variety of Cylindrical Objects
Variety of gauges of Fine Silver Round Wire

Facts about Fine Silver

•Melting Point of Fine Silver - 1761º Fahrenheit
•Known in the Ancient World as Argentum. (Chemical abbreviation for Silver -AG)
•Fine Silver (.999 Pure) is a soft metal and must therefore be tumbled in stainless steel shot or work hardened by hammering to maintain created shapes.

Creating the Chain

1. Coil silver wire snuggly around a cylindrical object.

2. Using a pair Flush Ultra-Flush cutters; clip off the end of the coil at a right angle to the wire.
Note : The flat or flush side of the cutter should face one end of the coil.

3. Inverting the cutters clip off the ring where the cut end creates a complete coil.
Note : Again the flat or flush side of the cutter is facing the other end of the completed coil.

4. Close off the ring and place the ring flat on the kiln brick.
Note : This is important to remember because it limits the circulation of air to the joint of the ring.

5. Ignite the butane torch; heat the ring evenly till it reaches a dull red glow. Concentrate the point flame at the break in the ring, moving the flame back and forth slowly across the joint, wait for the metal to " Flow " and join the two ends together.

6. Wait for the " GLOW " to fade and quench the newly fused ring in the water.

7. Place a new ring on the newly fused ring.

8. Place the fused ring in the channel on the kiln brick and the open ring flat on the brick.

Repeat untill the desired length of chain is achieved.


Copyright © 2014, Anne Mitchell