Woven Chain: Intermediate

This chain is constructed by weaving silver wire around a wood dowel and is finished off by drawing the weave through a draw plate. This style is based on the ancient patterens of Viking and Indian chains. perfect for bracelets and necklaces.

(Clasp not included in kit.)

Shipping $7.00 Priority Mail

1 Troy Oz of 24 gauge Sterling Silver Wire: Dead Soft Round: Approx. 48 ft.
10 inches of 20 gauge Sterling Silver Wire: Dead Soft Round
5 feet of 24 gauge Copper Wire: Dead Soft Round
2 Sterling Silver Bead Caps
1 Rosewood Draw Plate

Wire, Beadcaps, Drawplate and Instructions $105.00 Just Wire & Beadcaps $76.00 Just Instructions $15

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